Spirit Euxin

ODM been working in Romania for 14 years and helped to set up a Christian activity centre near the Black Sea called Spirit Euxin The centre caters for about 60 people in a range of accommodation. Over the summer period the centre works with groups of young people, many from very deprived backgrounds and orphanages, who come for a week’s holiday. The centre offers canoeing, climbing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and archery; most of the young people have never participated in these activities before.

We train Romanian staff to run these activities. Through donations from individuals and churches ODM sponsors local children from very poor backgrounds to come for a holiday at the centre, where, in addition to the many activities and good food, they experience exciting Christian teaching and worship.


Emaus is an organisation set up in 2007 by Pastor Dan Bara that seeks to work with young people in Romania. ODM supports this work financially and through skill sharing. It has three main emphasis; curriculum based work in schools, training Christian young people and teachers to be more effective and running camps for young people.

Christian leadership is an important element and they work with a group of about 12 young people in the youth clubs and schools to help equip them as leaders. Emaus operates in a very deprived town called Cernavoda and also amongst the gypsies in a town near Constanta called Ovidieu, where there is a church which was set up by ODM based around a small house. Projects for 2010 include: a team building course for the youth leaders, a weekend training for those working in schools, a visit in September to work amongst the churches here in the North East of England and a major outreach event in Ovidieu once a month for the gypsy community.